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A day in the life of – Brenna Baye

By Brenna Baye

Day in the life of

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

As a trainee in the litigation and dispute resolution department, life is never dull! The small team size provides for outstanding hands on experience, and there is never a “typical” day.

From day one in the department, you are thrown in with all the excitement of the litigation process. Whether it’s drafting letters before action, claim forms or applications, doing much needed and complex research, attending court or liaising with prospective clients, you are right in the midst of the action from the start. You are provided with a high degree of responsibility which is balanced by top notch guidance where required.

A key trainee task in the department is speaking with prospective clients, hearing their stories, relying the information to the partner and meeting with the client in order to determine if and how Edwin Coe can assist. Another element that is rather unique to the seat is that the trainee assists two days a week with court work. Responsibilities include attending court to issue proceedings or file applications, and may even result in an appearance before a Master. This is invaluable experience which truly brings alive the work of a litigator!

One of the best things about training at Edwin Coe is the level of responsibility and the plethora of hands-on experience provided to a trainee. Not to mention working with some of the top solicitors in their fields, all over whom (including equity partners) are extremely approachable, and more than happy to assist.

Of course it’s not all work – both in the office and after hours, Edwin Coe offers a great work life balance. The firm hosts a multitude of social events, driven by the social committee, which trainees are encouraged to join. In the office, employees bring a constant stream of goodies and chocolates in to share in celebration of birthdays, holidays, and just because.

Before becoming a trainee, I, like many, had heard horror stories of the life of a trainee – working excessive hours and doing nothing but photocopying. At Edwin Coe, such stories are truly a myth. Of course there are some later nights and the occasional weekend, but generally there is a true work/life balance. As for the photocopying, given the high level of responsibility and top quality work provided to an Edwin Coe trainee, sometimes the ease of photocopying is a good break.